About Us

Created in 1985 by Ron & Betty Cox, PFS has established itself as a leader in their industry by providing traditional and technology-based space- and asset-management solutions — high density and mobile shelving, automated storage and retrieval systems, radio frequency identification systems, and file-tracking and records-management software. Their services and products allow companies, agencies, professional practices, organizations and institutions to increase productivity, improve workflow, reduce costs and save space.

PFS provides “Best Value” solution driven systems that solve floor space and personnel efficiency problems. Our solutions can cover all types of Storage and Retrieval Equipment for Office and Materials Handling Applications, Document and Asset Bar Code/RFID

Tracking Systems, Office Furniture, and all High Density Storage Solutions. We specialize in providing solutions that will enable our clients to easily transition from Paper Based Filing Systems to Paperless Filing Systems.

Some of our “Solution Driven” Proposals have helped solve problems in the following areas:

  • Medical Records for Hospitals, Clinics and Private Practices
  • Drug Storage in Pharmacies
  • Secure Records for Homeland Security
  • Air Force Civilian Personnel Records
  • Air Force Selection Board Folders
  • Folder Contracts to insure non interrupted supply of custom file folders
  • Eye Glass Storage
  • Clean Room Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Weapons Storage and Tracking Systems for Military and Law Enforcement Armories.
  • Storage and Tracking Accountability for Evidence and Property Rooms
  • Pathology Glass Slide Storage
  • Automation of Hospital Warehouse
  • Automation of Credit Department for Financial Organizations.
  • Information Tracking Systems for Insurance and Financial Organizations
  • Legal Libraries
  • Large University Library
  • County Clerk and District Clerk Records
  • X-Ray Storage & Retrieval
  • Museum Artifact, Art, and Clothing Storage