Not sure if you need Filing Systems Consulting? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have too many files and not enough space?

2. Too much floor space devoted to your existing filing system?

3. Are you being forced to move your practice because you don’t have enough room for your patient charts?

4. Too much time spent looking for lost or misfiled file folders?

5. Can’t keep up with customer/employee requests for file folders?

6. Is it time for you to go to color coding your files?

7. Too much time spent on applying color coded “sticky” labels?

8. Are your files in an alpha filing system and you need to go to a numeric filing system?

9. Do you need to limit access to your files?

10. Do you spend too much time finding out who is currently using the folder you need?

11. Want to go to an imaging system and don’t how to start?

If you have answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then a Filing Systems Consultation may be just what you need. A few minutes or a few days of expert consultation will give you the answers you need and will most likely save you a great amount of money avoiding poor products and unproductive organization solutions. Please get in touch today:  1-844-469-8341