File Labeling

File Labels

Adhesive Name Labels

Self-adhesive file folder labels attach permanently to file folders, cards, etc. Color coded for easy identification and smudge proof for legibility. Available in convenient sheets, in white and 6 colors ready for typing.

Original, unique col‘r’tab color codes feature fade resistant oil-based inks, heavy duty paper and skirted edges to prevent hooking, and a center slit for easy application to file folders.

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  • Create bright, eye-catching communication labels in seconds
  • Use your PC and laser printer with Labels-U-Create to make custom labels for any >application
  • Permanent labels can be applied to folders, documents, bags, even shelving
  • Make an entire sheet of the same label or just a few at a time
  • Easy set-up instructions inside
  • Works with Microsoft Word® – no additional software is needed
  • 10 8-1/2″ X 11″ sheets per package
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Alert Labels

“Get the word out” with remind ‘r’ labels from tabbies! Created for medical office use, remind ‘r’ labels convey vital information and instructions quickly and easily. The fluorescent red background color attracts immediate attention, while the brief messages are easy to read and understand. Labels are packaged in dispenser boxes for fast, convenient use. Look for a full selection of 50+ titles in the remind ‘r’ labels section.

  • Attention-grabbing designs!
fluorescent red background
  • bold black print
  • easy-to-read messages
  • attach to patient charts, x-rays and other medical files
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Medical Indexing

Use medical labels to index and organize medical files. Custom labels available upon request.

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Legal Indexing

Use legal labels to index documents, exhibits, briefs, and more. Custom titles available upon request.

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Patient Record Confidential

Patient record confidential labels are pressure sensitive to adhere to most products. These labels stress the need for privacy to staff and patients.

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