Filing Accessories

Out Guides

Our durable out guides have a section for a charge-out notation. Some guides have a large pocket that serves as temporary storage for documents that need to be filed in the folder that has been checked out.

Simply place these documents into the folder when it is returned to the file drawer.

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Shelf Guides

Guides are used to break the entire filing system into smaller groups for quick identification of sections as the user enters the file area. Place a guide at major subdivisions in alphabetic systems. Readable from both sides, these guides are wider than standard end tab folders so the tab stands out from the surrounding folders. Use them for maximum visibility of subdivisions in open shelf filing systems. Available with blank tabs for your own indexing subdivisions, or as indexed alphabetic sets. These guides are the recommended choice for more efficient shelf filing.

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Adhesive Pockets

Self-stick pockets are self-adhesive, which can easily be attached to file folders or almost any surface.Self-stick pockets can securely store loose and odd sized information such as memos, receipts, credit cards, x-rays, graphs, medical charts, printout material, disks or CDs. Also great for ring binders, books and planners. Available in several convenient sizes. We offer poly pockets, vinyl pockets, ziplock pockets and manila pockets.

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Conversion Tabs

For quick and easy conversion of top tab folders to end tab folders for shelf filing. Great for folders being transferred from active drawer files to semi-active shelf systems. Or use them to convert small amounts of top tab folders for storage in large central shelf filing systems. Self-adhesive converters have a guide hole for easy alignment with score and edge of folder tab. Wrap-around design adheres to both sides of folder for added strength. The front panel is slotted to fit around a fastener. Removal of folder contents is not necessary for conversion.
Use conversion tabs for quick conversion of top tab pockets, jackets, wallets or folders to end tab products for shelf filing. Great for files being transported from active drawer files to semi-active shelf systems. The self-adhesive converter tab is easy to apply. Simply fold over the tab to create a durable two-pli tab, peel the remaining release liner off and apply to the back panel of jacket, pocket, wallet or folder. Converters feature embossed score lines for proper positioning of color coded labels.

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Label Protectors

Label/file folder protectors eliminate dirty, worn, dog-eared file folders and file folder labels. Wrap-around, self-adhesive protectors keep file folders and labels clean and prevent them from falling off, extending the life of the folder. Label/file folder protectors can also be used “flat” to attach miscellaneous materials to any surface. We offer clear, solid color and color stripe label protectors.

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Earflap fasteners turn existing file folders into classification file folders simply and inexpensively! Section off files according to date, subject or other criteria, or add additional sections easily. To use, slip the punched flap over an existing fastener and close the prongs. Then, fold flap forward and add filing material to the bonded fastener on top of the manila strip. It’s easy to add or remove sections without disturbing the entire file. Earflap fasteners work with any two-prong metal fastener in all folder positions.
Foamclip® self-stick fasteners are a perfect choice for organizing any two-hole punched papers in file folders. These fasteners bond permanently to manila file folders, pressboard, plastic, wood, glass, even metal. And with their superior strength, foamclip fasteners can’t be pulled off like other brands! The 2-1/2″ center-to-center, 1-1/2″ prong fastener is easy to use; just peel off backing paper and press fastener into place.
Sup‘r’grip self-stick fasteners are ideal space-saving solutions for large files. Long 2” prongs accommodate 2-hole punched material while the ultra thin design saves valuable filing space. Fasteners are heat bonded onto pressure-sensitive, 60-lb. manila-colored paper to hold even bulky files without tearing. Printed aligning guides on each strip ensure accurate placement.

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