GSA Contract

Filing Systems and Storage Systems on GSA Contract and Professional Filing Systems, Inc. provides quality filing systems, storage systems, material handling systems, weapons storage systems and other storage products for offices and warehouses available on GSA Contract.

Storage systems

Material Handling Systems:

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High Density Filing Systems

Kardex Systems, Inc. — Lektrievers
Contract #: GS-28F-0048M – FSC: 7110, Group 36
Multimedia Office Cabinets;
Displays & Filing Systems; Powered Rotary Files
(High Density Filing, Record Keeping Equipment)

Kardex Systems, Inc. – Mobile Shelving
Contract #: GS-28F-1004C – FSC Group 7,
Office Furniture Class 7125
High Density Movable Filing Systems

Richard Wilcox, Inc – Times Two
Contract #: GS-25F-0084M
FSC: 7460, Group 36; Part 1
Multimedia Filing (Rotary Files)

Richard Wilcox, Inc. – Mobile Shelving
Contract #: GS-25F-0084M
FSC Class 7460; Group 36; Part IV
Office, Imaging, & Document Solutions
(Mobile Storage & Shelving)

Borroughs Corporation –
Mobile Shelving & Shelving
White Aisle Saver High Density
Moveable Filing Systems.
Contract #: FS-28F-1043C
FSC Class: 7125; Group 71, Part I
High Density Moveable Filing Systems

Mayline Group
Contract #: GS-29F-0112G – Filing Cabinets
Contract #: GS-28F-1048C – Storage Systems

Furniture and Computer Systems

Tennsco Corporation –
Shelving; All Tennsco Products
Contract #: GS-29F-0224G
FSC Class: 7110; Group 71; Part I
Work Surfaces; Workstations;
Computer Furniture and Accessories;
Filing & Storage Cabinets; Shelves;
Mobile Carts, Dollies;
Racks and Accessories.

Borroughs Corporation
Mobile Shelving, Shelving & Office Furniture
Contract #: FS-28F-1043C
FSC Class: 7125; Group 71, Part I

Mayline Group
Contract #: GS-29F-0129G – Office Furniture
Contract #: GS-29F-0212G – Office Furniture

Mail Room Furniture

Mayline Group
Contract #: GS-27F-5006C – Mailroom Furniture

Raymond Engineering, Inc.
Contract #: GS-27F-5017C
FSC Class 7110; Group 71; Part III, Section D
Mail Room Furniture; Light Duty Small Parts; Cabinets; Bin Racks; Plastic Storage