Financial Industry

If you are an accountant or financial planner, you deal with a lot of paper. Tax returns, account statements and the like end up taking up a lot of space in your file cabinets. The more clients you have, the faster the paperwork seems to grow. And the length of time you have to keep these records dictates that you end up storing all this paperwork somewhere!We have helped out many businesses like yours in handling and eliminating this paperwork nightmare.

Eliminate the worry about files in the future by implementing a document imaging system, saving your employees time and you money! Read about how imaging software can help your practice now and in the future.

Would you like a more powerful document management solution? The Vertical Carousel and Times Two are built for larger businesses to handle any and all document management challenges.

Do you have a backlog of documents in storage you want to convert to CD or Microfilm? We offer complete document conversion services to get rid of all your old paper files.