Deployable Container Carousel

Gain all the automation benefits of a horizontal carousel designed to be deployed housed in a Conex Container for rapid deployment in remote locations.

The self-contained automated system of linked bins travel around an oval track housed inside a shipping container. When commanded, the bins rotate bringing the parts to the picker via the shortest route.
The container carousel can be carried by ship then trucked to the field. The carousels can also be helicopter-dropped.The Container Carousel unit can be shipped fully stocked and dropped at the staging location. Generators can power the equipment, allowing maximum utility anywhere they are needed.
The container carousel can be customized to meet the rigorous field needs of the military. Serving as a mini-warehouse-in-a-box, the carousel system is used in conjunction with the USMC’s STRATIS (Storage Retrieval Automated Tracking Integrated System) material and inventory control system.
The goal of the container carousels is to provide high-density storage and dedicated locations for material. The equipment is designed as miniwarehouses, and are able to be shipped, carted and dropped as a standard ocean freight container, this offers the user the ability to store and access its components efficiently within a high-density carousel.
The Container Carousel units have be used and operated as a small parts storage and retrieval system in field warehouse setup. Managing all the small items necessary for the field can be difficult without this type of system.
The Container Carousel unit can be shipped fully stocked and dropped at the staging location, Generators power the equipment, the container carousel system offers many of benefits to the users, including high-density space utilization and an ergonomic design that reduces the walking and search time associated with conventional storage methods.
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