RFID File Tracking

We offer FileTrail, which is the leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the office environment. Our solutions use the latest RFID technology to quickly locate files, conduct audits, and check files in and out. File room staff gain powerful tools that save time and improve services to the organization. Other staff gain powerful search and request tools in their web browser, without installing any software at their desktop.

There are three cost-effective ways to implement FileTrail RFID solutions:

Express RFID provides a complete tracking solution with an economical cost, that is the perfect foundation for later expansion.

FileTrail’s ExpressRFID provides a low-cost entry point that automates your file room with RFID-based file tracking, plus a portable scanner for conducting audits with RFID and locating mis-placed files with the Detector feature.

ExpressRFID is used by a single user and includes all the tools needed to automate your file room. It includes tools for data entry, label printing, folder and box management, archiving, searching, and much more.

ExpressRFID is expandable. Additional file room users can be added for larger operations. Upgrading to Professional allows staff outside the file room to search and request. Additional RFID hardware can add network-based tracking zones to cubicles, offices, doorways and exits.

Hosted RFID:

The ExpressRFID can be provided as a hosted solution. FileTrail Hosted Solutions provide state-of-the-art records tracking and management without the typical large capital expenditure. An economical monthly fee gives you access to labor-saving software through your web browser, with no software to install.

FileTrail’s software-as-service concept delivers more features, more powerful configuration, easier integration, and the best end-user experience. And best of all, it can all be deployed quickly and easily around the globe.

SharePoint RFID: RFID can be added to FileTrail for SharePoint, adding the power of RFID tracking to your SharePoint Document Library.