Times 2 Rotary File

Learn why they are so popular!

Rotary Files are double-depth file cabinets that rotates for fast access from either one or two sides. The double depth design allows the rotary file cabinet to provide far greater filing efficiency and capacity than lateral, vertical, or any single depth storage unit.

With dozens of accessories, the rotary file cabinets can store any type of media, including the following: end-tab files, hanging files, binders, CD ROMs, tapes, and more.

This record storage system provides two times the file storage capacity in the same footprint as vertical

or lateral file cabinets.

There are Times-2 Rotating File Cabinets for letter, legal, EDP and A4 sizes. A simple yet powerful foot pedal rotates the Times Two Cabinet within three seconds to reveal another complete file in front of you. That’s what makes the Times-2 Speed File essential for businesses.

Just six of our most popular size Times-2 units will store the equivalent of 20 lateral files in approximately half the floor space.

Times Two Rotary Cabinets are designed to grow as you grow. Start with a Starter Unit and add Add-On Units at any time.

Times 2 Rotating File Cabinets can be built into an alcove, used as room dividers, configured back-to-back to maximize capacity and save more space. The Times-2 can also be installed through a wall or panel and a closed back can be added to the unit to provide extra security.

Times 2 Rotary Files Accessories include:

  • shallow roll out drawers
  • rollout reference shelves
  • shelves
  • rollout drawers fitted for hanging files
  • Wardrobe Kit
  • recessed shelves
  • dividers
  • magnetic followers
  • CD-ROM drawers
  • security drawers
  • tub drawers
  • end supports
  • wall closing strips
  • extended canopy tops
  • Conversion Kits

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