Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousel Automated Filing Systems bring all files or records to a standing or sitting workstation and takes advantage of vertical ceiling height. This file storage system is also in compliance with the ADA. With the vertical carousel filing and storage system, you have the power to call up the exact record from thousands. Within seconds, it’s there, right at your fingertips. Using the vertical carousel concept in your office eliminates needless work motions which waste valuable employee time and can lead to injury. Work motions, such as walking, stooping, bending, reaching, and searching are virtually eliminated. The flexible vertical carousel can also be used to store almost any type of media, such as letter or legal top and side tab folders, CD-ROM, microfiche, optical disks, checks, cards and more. This flexibility eliminates the need for costly file conversions.

Why have thousands of decision makers chosen Vertical Carousels for their storage and retrieval applications?

Because they save valuable floor space and revolves to bring the media to the user – eliminating or reducing non-essential operator movement: saving time, increasing productivity, reducing misfiles and errors. No more bending, stooping, reaching, or climbing. Because automated Vertical Carousels pack the cube from floor to ceiling to provide more density of media in a smaller footprint, they reduce operator travel between storage units, and save space!

With Computer Control:

Vertical Carousels are easily interfaced with computers. With computer control, the operator simply searches the database for the desired records and presses Enter. They rotate to the first level, and a light flashes to show the position of the selected media. The process continues until all references, refiles are done! The Vertical Carousels work station automated convenience with full width work surface at sitting or standing height.

All these factors add up to:

  • Faster Retrieval
  • Increased Productivity
  • Less Fatigue
  • Reduced Errors
  • Less Employee Turnover
  • Opportunities for the Physically Impaired

Vertical Carousels are designed to house all types of Media. We bring file control into the computer age, with fingertip records access and unmatched use of floor space. Vertical Carousels provide up to 1,938 lateral filing inches in just 34 square feet of floor space. Adjustable work counter allows files to be delivered at seated or standing height. Tray filing is available for a complete range of media sizes: letter and legal, all standard cards, oversize and hanging files. Our versatility allows the combination of different size trays that best satisfies any mixed media filing requirement.