Electronic Access Cabinets

Our electronic access cabinets use electronic rotary latch locks to secure all front doors. An external kiosk with a biometric reader and optional swipe card allow access to these compartments. The hand scanner and swipe card send signals to the cabinets to determine access to the compartments. Each time someone uses the unit, the computer stores the information.  There is an optional rear door for pass-thru (through-the-wall) installation.

Law enforcement clients use these cabinets to secure night vision goggles, lasers, AEDs and surveillance equipment.  Libraries distribute library materials and large corporations allow access to sensitive and confidential mail/documents all with our electronic access cabinets.


  • Electronic rotary latch locks on front doors
  • Keypad-LCD using pass code with optional card reader
  • Biometric access with computer kiosk


  • All steel construction
  • 16-GA sides, shelves and frame
  • 20-GA wireways, top and back
  • Welded frame with riveted assembly


  • 16-GA steel
  • Electronic rotary latch locks on doors
  • Spring-loaded front doors automatically open when unit is accessed
  • Manual override on doors
  • Optional rear door for pass-through installation – key cam lock


  • Powder-coated steel


  • Each separate location requires a controller with max operating capacity up to 8 units
  • 120V AC input / 15amp circuit (lead unit with controller)
  • Units can be installed individually or daisy chained (side by side)
  • Power cord and ethernet cable
  • Unit requires secure attachment to wall or floor and units in a multiple installation must be secured to each other
  • Optional 12˝ base available


  • Overall unit measurement 18˝W x 17-1/2˝D x 62-3/16˝H
  • Inside unit depth – front load 16˝D / rear load 15˝D