SmartRail Gun Racks

The SmartRail Gun Rack: A Biometrically Controlled Weapons Storage System

The SmartRail Gun Rack System from LEID uses lock activation through a biometric access/card reader kiosk. Each system holds eight weapons and each weapon contains an RFID tag. The rack can adjust to accommodate different weapon lengths.  There are 8 individual electronic locks per rail and each rack has adjustable height to accommodate different length weapons. Berification of accessories on shotguns or long/short rifles must be confirmed when placing order for proper lock set-up on gun rack.

Biometric Access Control Systems (BACSTM) electronically tracks critical assets inventory with a high level of security and no paper logs. The system individually secures small, medium and large items in automated (electronic) modular units/cabinets and secures long weapons in automated (electronic locking) gun racks, keeping them fully visible and accessible.


  • RFID tag in weapon
  • Lock activation through kiosk
  • Manual override with key
  • Presence confirmed with photoelectric sensors


  • Cold-rolled welded steel
  • Protective plastic insert (base)
  • Assembled using security bolts


  • Tan powder coat paint – steel
  • Black – plastic insert


  • Embedded access controller
  • Easily upgradable via ethernet connection or memory card upgrade


  • Height: 3´ – 6˝
  • Depth: 1´
  • Width: 3´ – 5-3/4˝


  • Requires secure attachment to wall and floor
  • Side-by-side or stacked installation
  • 120v AC input/15amp circuit (up to 8 units can be daisy chained)
  • Ethernet port on left (master rail)
  • Expansion port on right (master rail)
  • Expansion port on left (auxiliary rail)
  • Up to seven auxiliary rails to each master rail